Transportation of fruit and vegetables by rail

A remarkable force of development

Since 2016, Transports Chabas have been running a controlled temperature express delivery service dedicated to pharmaceuticals and parapharmaceuticals.

A tailored, regulated process

The Health division combines its expertise, the quality of its infrastructures, and the group’s expert support services to meet the specific expectations of a contract portfolio comprising laboratories, wholesale dispensers, hospitals, and pharmacies.
Comprehensive, dedicated services from transportation to storage via order picking, and absolute compliance with strict safety standards to satisfy the specific requirements of health products.
An exclusive fleet of satellite-tracked vehicles, equipped with temperature-mapped refrigerated containers (standard and split temperature, single or two-stage), is dedicated to the customers’ demanding requirements. The vehicles are equipped with an alarm system in case of temperature deviation, and are disinfected twice monthly (with recording). Freight security and safety is consolidated by the neutrality of the trailers.

A dedicated building

At the end of 2016, Transport Chabas completed the construction of a logistics warehouse dedicated to this activity in Cavaillon. The building conforms with all regulations in force, and guarantees optimum storage and safety conditions for the products. The unit conforms with the demands of the legislation in force. It comprises temperature-controlled operating and storage areas for the two specific temperatures required for the products: an area at 15-25°C, and another at 2-8°C. Both meet product sensitivity constraints (establishment of pharmaceutical liability, video-monitoring of the site, security guards, access control, backup refrigeration units that automatically take over, temperature deviation alarms, etc.).

Guaranteed traceability

Traceability is ensured from the moment an order is entered in the IT system until it is delivered at destination. Feedback and proof of delivery can be obtained at the end of the round.
All processes are under the strict control of Hugo Mézard, Doctor of Pharmacy and Managing Director of the group (10 years of professional experience as a registered pharmacist and pharmacy owner).

Involved, experienced teams

The group is particularly attentive to training of personnel in good medication delivery practices and the continued proficiency of all operating units (operations, drivers, dispatchers). The teams use strict procedures and advanced monitoring and training tools.

Intelligence and communication

Via their active participation in the Pharmalogistic Club, a work group for the exchange of logistics information and pharmaceutical transportation, Transports Chabas has a better grasp of the constraints inherent to the sector.

Hugo MEZARD – President Chemist
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Virgyl BERGIEL – Health Manager
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Ségolène PICCA – Quality Manager
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Eric MONNOT – Operation Manager
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Caroline JASMIN – Administrative & Methods Manager
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Anne-Sophie MOTA – Charter Manager
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